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Our Sponsors

Let's give our sponsors a round of applause! Their support helps the Osprey in many ways and they all provide a helping hand to keep us running smoothly throughout the year!


Sheryl & Richard Dubois & Carruthers

Cyril Meagher

John & Carol Huskilson

John  & Ruth Water

Scott & Keri Patterson

Stanley Wickens

Brendan Pippy

Cyrus Kazemi

Rolf & Karen Foster-Jorgensen

Karen Mattatall

Nathan Blades

Rebecca Scott

Bob & Kathy Czerny

Maeve Wilson

Penny Smith

Sandra & Lorn Taylor & Wall

Sherry Doane

Bruce & Diane Bennett

Dana Dares

Patriciade Molitor

Jack Morrison

Michael Elliott

MaureenJ ohnston

Louis Anon

Sue & Rick Deschene

Wayne & Cheryll Blinkhorn

Celia & Pat Melanson

Sam Brannen

Janet Stritychuk

Richard & Sylvia Snow

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