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The Osprey Arts Centre is the arts performance hub of Shelburne County. Offering an intimate and inviting, fully-equipped theatre venue with retractable soft seating, the Osprey is multi-purpose and adaptable. Each year we present a full season of live music, theatre, dance, art exhibits, film screenings, youth events, workshops, day camps and community events.


The Osprey also hosts events across Shelburne County in schools and other venues and rents its space to community groups and private concerns for public and private functions such as weddings, meetings, conferences, lectures and private screenings and events.


The Osprey Arts Centre Association is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, an Executive Director and a bookkeeper.

Accessible Entrances

The Osprey Arts Center has two accessible entrances. The Main Entrance has a ramp (on the north side) to facilitate those who need a gentle rise to the door and a fully level entrance on the south side for those who need access in a chair or with a walker. The south side entrance is NOT open during showtimes as it opens directly into the performance hall and users are requested to contact us ahead if it will be needed so that we can be present to open the door.

Our Mission

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Our Mission

To manage the Osprey Arts Centre as a fiscally sound theatre dedicated to excellence in the arts, and to make it a true community performing arts centre available to and providing programs of artistic merit for everyone in Shelburne County.


Our Vision

The Osprey Arts Centre vision sees a community where all members, youth, adult and senior, and culturally diverse, have access to high quality performing arts events, both amateur and professional. To be a place where people turn for training in the arts and to be available to all members of the community as a place to perform. The Osprey Arts Centre aims to be a true community arts crossroad so that the people of Shelburne County recognize the value of and appreciate the presence of the performing arts in their community.

Our Values

The members of the Osprey Arts Centre Association (OACA), and in particular, the board of directors are guided in making decisions by the following values:

1. The OACA values artistic experimentation, excellence in art, and creativity.

2. The OACA values good financial management based on balanced budgets, clear record keeping and financial reporting, and responsible management of resources.

3. The OACA is responsible to its community and values sharing with other community organizations for the cultural development of Shelburne County.

4. The OACA respects people and is committed to creating safe working environments. As an employer, OACA values cultural diversity, dedication to its values, motivation to continue to grow and develop its objectives, and fair-mindedness in its dealings with each other and the public which it serves.

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