The Lobby Curated by Melissa Strachan-Boutin

Current and upcoming art shows at The Lobby Gallery:

July-Aug      Dennis Teakle
Aug 11          Art Camp Showcase #1
Aug 18          Art Camp Showcase #2
Sept-Oct      Curator’s Closet 
                          This exhibition is a snippet showcase of artwork from the personal                                               collection of The Lobby Gallery curator, Melissa Strachan-Boutin. Medium                                 ranges from sculpture to functional pottery to drawing to prints. It is a mix                               and match of artworks Melissa has collected over time and place.
Oct-Dec        Live In at the Lobby
                          A showcase of works collected by members of the Shelburne Community.                                The artwork selected has been on display in people’s homes and now                                          hangs in the Lobby Gallery for everyone to share. It is a collection that                                        tributes the place of art in our everyday lives.