OspreyCard Become An OspreyCard Holder

We have made some exciting new additions and changes to being a supporter of the Osprey! Through the Osprey’s newly revised program, your Osprey Card will be active from July 2016 through June 2017.


Osprey Card Benefits:

• Come to 5 performances and the 6th one is free (excluding movies).

• We now offer Osprey Cards for families. Each family member (two adults and all dependent children) will receive an Osprey Card.

• Osprey Card holders will receive a 10% discount when renting the Osprey for events.

• Should anything come up unexpectedly, call the box office 30 minutes prior to a performance to redeem your ticket for another show.

For a low annual fee of $25, you can receive the Osprey Card. This helps the Osprey Arts Centre continue to grow. As mentioned above, we also have family Osprey Cards. The family rate is $50 a year.

There are several benefits of being a valued supporter of the Osprey. With over 70 events, this year’s program is packed with enticing performances. As always, you can continue to enjoy the Nautilus Music and Dance Series, our Theatre Series, the Youth Series, the Hometown Music Series, our Summer Art Camps, great exhibitions of visual art in the Coastline Gallery, and newly added Live on Screen at the Osprey.

As an Osprey supporter you will receive the satisfaction of supporting an organization that enriches the lives of residents and attracts visitors to town. The Osprey has become an important part of our community’s infrastructure that fills an important role in our lives. It also helps bring new residents to the area and it helps keep people in the community. You may want to consider making a donation to our organization, and receive a charitable tax receipt in the amount of your additional donation.

Thank you for your support,
The Osprey

To become a member, send a cheque to:

The Osprey Arts Centre
PO Box 193
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
B0T 1W0