Obit Thursday, August 24, 7:30 PM


The Osprey presents this quirky and engaging behind the scenes documentary as part of our TIFF Film Circuit Series.

Every day, obituary writers sit down to document the lives of the recently deceased—constrained by pressing deadlines, stingy word counts and often insufficient information. Plunge into the world of New York Times obituary writers who record the lives of everyone from the inventor of the Slinky to the man who dropped the first atomic bomb. These writers face the difficult task of separating truth from fiction to provide impartial accounts for the historical record. Step inside “the morgue”: the paper’s catacomb-like archive of meticulously ordered files and photographs, serving as a stellar resource for the best obituaries in the business, including those written in advance. This engrossing profile brings you face to face with those who toil at the juncture of past and present, and who insist that while the job may seem morbid, they are ultimately reporting on life.

USA, 93 minutes in length, rated PG.

Tickets: $10 adult, $7 student

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