La Nef – Sea Songs and Shanties Sunday, September 16, 7:00 PM

An evening of maritime capstan shanties, halyard shanties, laments, forecastle songs, short haul shanties and more sung by a chorus of seven male voices. Inspired by this tradition of maritime music, Seán Dagher has arranged a collection of songs and tunes to display all the warmth and depth they deserve. Music from England, Scotland, Ireland, the Americas, and the Caribbean. All aboard!

La Nef comprises of:
Seán Dagher, voice, cittern; Nils Brown, voice; Michiel Schrey, voice; Clayton Kennedy, voice; David Gossage, flutes, voice; Nelson Carter, violin, percussion, voice; Andrew Horton, double bass, voice.

Presented as part of Musique Royale‘s high-quality annual concert series.

Tickets: $20 adult, $7 student – available soon.

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